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Lift & Shift Design Team

Our design team isn't a support group for veterans. It's a workgroup that includes veterans.

Anyone can feel good about joining. Veterans, interns, or mentors can give back to the veteran community behind the scenes of our Battle Of The Bots program.

But Design Team members get other perks too. There's more rewards from sponsors, like MasterClass. And we share our virtual makerspace, so team members can learn things like 3d printing with access to our printers.

Sound like fun? Join us!

The Fine Print

We never ask veterans to pay or donate. For some workshops we provide kits. (One free kit per veteran household) But you don't need to be a veteran to take advantage of our hospitality. We're an inclusive bunch. If you benefit from our work, we'd be honored to have your support. Consider making your purchases through the partners that support us. For our friendly, or popular supporters, you could even use your influence as a social media fundraiser. We have instructions.

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