Lift And Shift Foundation

Redirecting Wounded Veterans to a New Purpose
The Lift and Shift Foundation is a veteran founded, and veteran driven startup non-profit. We like to say we redirect wounded veterans to a new purpose, hence our clever use of infantry fire direction commands - Lift and Shift.

Here we're more than veterans. We're entrepreneurs! We just happen to be wrapped in this snuggly, feel-good, philanthropic IRS-approved 501c3 tax exemption.

This focus allows for a practical exercise in problem-solving skills that is inherent in the application of the scientific method.

As is the case with scientists and engineers, sometimes the solving of a problem will simultaneously satisfy a need for society. When the case arises, we are at the ready, to support our participants in further developing ideas and solutions into entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Team

As of 2018, less than 2% of congressional staff have ever served in the Armed Forces. Veterans' voices are dwindling and muffled by policy and bad press alike. Veterans returning home struggle with confidence - in their own transition as much as the support from their fellow citizens. Our team has been through some of the unimaginable - at home and abroad. We never quit, we lead from the front, and we appreciate the US Army Infantry's motto - "Follow me!"
  • Tom Smoot, Jr
    Board President/CEO

    “Don’t let anyone else define you!” 

    Try not to be misled by Tom’s new career path in engineering. There’s a good reason behind our CEOs motivation to support the troops. Engineering came along only after his departure from the US Army, ending 12 years of service with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress. But make no mistake, this athletic, avid marathon runner, and once well-decorated soldier with career fields in Civil Affairs and Chemical Reconnaissance, is our Captain America.

  • Jason Knowlton
    Special Projects Coordinator

    Jason is a Senior Support Engineer with a computer science background and over a dozen years in the security and fire industry. That background also includes service in the US Army as a Civil Affairs Sergeant, which lends well to working on special projects, especially those requiring a technical affinity. He brings passion and leadership to the team, with a track record of creating relationships and programs that enrich veterans’ quality of life.
  • Evans Wang
    Professional Development Coordinator

    Evans, who self-identifies as an Army combat vet, is slightly more. He teaches, instructing both cadets as a ROTC instructor, and veterans and non-veterans alike as a software development contractor and NYC chapter leader of Operation Code. As an educator, in name and by passion, he is a well-suited connector to other veteran non-profits and programs who offer tech-based non-traditional schools, and able to redirect veterans toward new passions as a profession when the time comes.
  • Ian Gibson

    “Service has always been a driving factor in the decisions I make...” 

    Ian went on from the US Army to graduate from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. True to character, his master’s thesis at NYU involved a program to build confidence in disabled veterans. His passion to serve, and support those who do, drove him to co-founding the Lift and Shift Foundation.

  • Daniel Perez

    This Marine veteran isn’t your stereotypical “jarhead.” After serving combat tours overseas, Daniel earned a Chemistry degree from Columbia University in New York. His interest in science and engineering are an asset, just as much as his stalwart support and advocacy for veterans.