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Lift & Shift Foundation

Lifting Veterans
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Empowering Pathways in STEM Fields for All Ages

The Lift & Shift Foundation advocates for veteran inclusion in science and technology through programs that educate and build confidence. We reduce the invisible barriers to entry and everyone's invited.
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From Transition to Triumph,
Exploring Science & Tech as a New Frontier

We're building bridges to make STEM fields more inclusive. You could be a new veteran facing career change at 40, or a high school student still sorting out whether a STEM field is your new career path. We're here to empower you. We believe education and hands-on experience are the tools to build bridges across different stages of life and interests. Maybe you realize life creates stress without any help from us, and there's a hobby that helps. We're here to help you find it.
STEM Education events

Breaking into STEM fields can feel like scaling a wall without footholds. We provide contact with STEM fields and mentorship, offering access to opportunities previously out of reach. This creates bridges, opening doors to a network that supports and propels every journey in science and tech.
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Stepping into new roles can spark imposter syndrome. That's true whether you're a complete noob, a successfully progressing student, or the most seasoned military veteran. We foster resilience, instilling unwavering self-assurance to conquer doubts and thrive in burgeoning STEM landscapes.
STEM Education With Robots & Confidence

In the realm of STEM, hands-on experience often precedes passion and true comfort. We offer immersive resources, guiding individuals to explore, tinker, and engage in practical experiences. We aim to pave the way to a sense of ease, ensuring that comfort drives the pursuit of excellence in STEM.

How Do We Educate and Build Confidence?

Battle of the Bots - It's a Charity Program

Programs For Veterans

Our Battle of the Bots has been a wonderful series of outreach events. During the pandemic the program was sidelined and our Design Team was launched along with online workshops covering introductions to everything from 3d printing to video games. We're restructuring to provide new resources based on the lessons we learned through quarantines and lockdowns.

Student Internships

We're able to provide opportunities to students thanks to a co-sponsored internship program with Project Biotech LLC. Summer interns are able to work with Project Biotech to obtain business development experience and see how science translates to business. Meanwhile, our focus is research into recreational therapy and how we can develop and provide the best resources as parts of our programs for veterans.

Lift And Shift Learning Series - It's a Charity Program

Our Partners

At the Lift & Shift Foundation, our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond boundaries. Our programs, empowering individuals in science and technology, are made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. These dedicated partners share our vision of creating pathways for diverse talents to thrive in STEM fields.
Just as we never ask veterans to pay or donate for our programs, our sponsors play a pivotal role without seeking direct financial contributions. Their contributions aid in providing essential resources, enabling us to extend our reach and impact.

Whether you're an individual or an organization, your support makes a tangible difference. Join us in building bridges across communities by becoming a sponsor. Your partnership fuels innovation, education, and the empowerment of future STEM leaders.