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Lift And Shift Foundation

Lifting Veterans
In New Directions

Our Mission

The Lift and Shift Foundation advocates for veteran inclusion in science and technology through programs that educate and build confidence. Sometimes it's just easier to say - we reduce a veterans' barriers to entry.

When it Comes to Science and Technology,
Veterans Deserve a Seat at the Table.


Both physicists and psychologists study the stress that strains our connections. In the military we know our strong connections are the framework of unity and support, so our programs include every American. And because we know families serve too, they're invited.

Veterans trained to blow stuff up and be a physically disruptive force. After service we shift to new passions. Applying our warrior mindset to problems and peoples' unmet needs is how we lead off the battlefield. Battle of the Bots is the start of that journey.

Some veterans joined the military because "college wasn't for them." Leaving the military without a degree adds doubt and uncertainty to a stressful transition of job and resume workshops. We boost confidence with real-world science, like Dr. Amy Cuddy's research.


Battle of the Bots

Sprinkle some robots with a dash of retro video games, and you've got Battle of the Bots. Our passion for technology is channeled into this program. Whether online or in-person, this is where we lift and shift, bringing together veterans, families, and generations - every American we can reach.

Battle Of The Bots
Design Team

Circuits, software, & people make Battle Of The Bots successful. The Design Team is where veterans & volunteers can come behind the scenes to be part of the product design process. The team has a simple mandate: create success, solve problems by crafting solutions, & have fun.

Lift & Shift Learning Series

Our Learning Series might look like a mixed bag of resources. But STEAM fields - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math - include everything from graphic design to culinary science. This is where we connect veterans with support from equally diverse sponsors.

Our 2022 Partners