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Lifting Wounded Veterans in New Directions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is STEM?
  • STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

  • What veteran services do you offer?
  • We offer veterans an outlet. It's a creative one, and it's vocational in nature, which makes it unique.
  • We're also developing a coding playground for kids and adults alike. Try Blockly

  • What does Lift and Shift do?
  • We kick a whole lot of tail. But as a foundation, our mission is to advocate for veteran inclusion in science and technology through programs that educate and build confidence.

  • Who can participate in your program?
  • Our programs are currently free for veterans. If you're interested in participating, and you're not a veteran, drop us a line. We're constantly developing our programs to offer them to anyone in need of the service they provide. We'll try to get you sorted into one of our supporters.

  • Do I need to be an Engineer?
  • You absolutely do not need to be an engineer to join our program. Anyone can work with our electronics kit and work through all the projects with nothing more than a little time and a can do attitude.

  • What if I don't want to be an Engineer?
  • That's great, being an engineer means a lot of math. Some people just aren't interested, quite honestly we're still on the fence.

  • Do I need formal STEM training?
  • Not at all, there really is no formal STEM training. Anyway, we prefer non-traditional education over old-fashioned brick and mortar colleges and universities.

  • So I have this kit and I built all the project. What else can I do?
  • Great question, which leads us to more... Specifically, what parts did you like? We want to understand whether you were fascinated by how a motor turns, or the fact an instruction word on your screen made something physically change. The physics behind motor windings, or the logic behind coding could turn out to be your next passion.

  • I wasn't very good at building the projects in my kit, is there anything else I can do?
  • We won't limit you to our path, you can try any number of things. Maybe you want to try developing games or apps? Maybe you're intrigued by the design and layout of graphics? (that's a technical field called graphic design) We can help you try your hand at those.

  • How can I get involved with Lift and Shift?
  • Wow, just don't get us all excited if you're not serious about supporting our veterans. Feel free to check out every way possible here on our website.

  • Why are you called 'Lift and Shift?'
  • Well, we like to say we redirect veterans to a new purpose. In combat, military leaders use 2 commands to direct gunfire - Lift fire, and Shift fire. Like that fire, we aim to direct veterans to their next calling.

  • How does participating or getting involved with Lift and Shift help me as a wounded veteran?
  • Well, just like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Now that we've covered the zen-like philosophy, you can honestly learn a lot about microcontrollers and controlling them with code. If you happen to like the circuits or software, we're happy to help you follow wherever your passion pushes you.

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