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Science, not silience!

The Lift & Shift Foundation brings military veterans closer to science. It's been an uphill battle. Trust in the U.S. military has declined between political violence & science skeptics. But we stand for science & that makes it our job to challenge disinformation. Support science yourself. We made it easy. You can do it with a shirt that says what you stand for.

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Trust Einstein Fled The Holocaust 3D Printing Is STEM Education Fake Social Media Catfishing Got Polio T-Shirt Supporting Vaccines

Stand With Einstein

Albert Einstein & Holocaust Denial

Everyone knows Albert Einstein. He's famous. Not everyone knows he was Jewish. It's true. In 1933, Einstein fled Nazi Germany before the Holocaust. As a professor at Princeton, he dedicated personal time to tutoring other minorities. Science is important. But so is history.

This is a charcoal black shirt. Wear it anytime you need to make a statement about the holocaust or address holocaust denial.

Stand For STEM Education

Healthy Career Change & Military Veterans

We'd 3d print this shirt if we could. Veterans targeted by disinformation often struggle with joining stem fields & networks. But our STEM education programs help them replace dysfunctional support systems & find new paths forward.

This t-shirt comes in athletic grey. Wear it & make a difference for veterans in need of new opportunities & purpose.

Stand Vs Disinformation

Fight "Birds Aren't Real" Disinformation

Our online friend Overlord Jimbo fell for the "birds aren't real" campaign. But he's just a bot. From catfishing to conspiracy theories, there is no shortage of disinformation & misinformation on the internet.

This is a charcoal black shirt. You can wear it to raise awareness about the dangers of social media & promote healthy social media use.

Stand With Dr. Fauci

Laugh At Fearmongering & Support Vaccines

It's a joke. So say it with a smile. But the polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk saved lives for decades. Now fearmongering to erode public trust in experts like Dr. Fauci & others threatens our public health. Today large cities are monitoring new outbreaks. Get vaccinated!

This is solid black shirt you can wear to raise awareness about the importance of vaccines & combat the spread of false information.

Our Free Resource to Challenge Disinformation

Disinformation is difficult & confusing. We put together a very short discussion guide you can download for free. This PDF includes references & an outline to help you navigate the complexities of disinformation. It's being offered as a public service from the Lift & Shift Foundation. By using the tools on this page to engage with others, you can educate others or help build & recover strained relationships.

Trust Bella & Canvas For Quality & Comfort!

You can trust Bella & Canvas. We do. All the shirts shown are their style 3413. That's a sporty & soft unisex tri-blend t-shirt. The chest sizes match the table below.

Chest 34"-37" 38"-41" 42"-45" 46"-49"