Lift And Shift Foundation

Lifting Wounded Veterans in New Directions

To learn more about any of these opportunities email us at

You can join us in person - We're always seeking teams of developers interested in working with veterans or individuals to assist behind the scenes.

You could donate directly through Paypal Giving Fund, but if you like shopping there are plenty of ways to support us

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  • Amazon Smile
  • Shop Our Gear

You could help us spread the word

  • The team came out with demostrations and talking points about the foundation and how we came to do what we do.

  • Our CEO was given the opportunity to share thoughts and theories with Popular Mechanics about transitions and work ethics, veterans and values.

  • Our CEO joined Alan from Barracks Stories, and discussed his miltary career, superheroes, 9/11, and our foundation.

  • Our board member, Jason, contributed a guest blog to friends at Silent Pocket.

  • Our CEO joined fellow Bunker Lab-er Rod Rodriguez of The AAR Podcast.

  • Our CEO was interviewed by the great folks over at Startups #nofilter.

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