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We're Here To Help Cut Your Health Care Costs

The easiest way to use this is bookmark the page. Open it on your phone and show it at your pharmacy. Get the app for better deals that cover more.

Free To Use

You Don't Need To Be A Veteran

Don't believe it? Need more info? We get it. Go to CleverRx.com/LiftAndShift to get the official details. That's where you can search for your prescriptions, compare costs, & find a pharmacy. Click "text me the app" to get all of that in our co-branded app. Just make sure you're using our group and member number. That's how our sponsor knows we're pitching in.

Veteran Poverty & Rising Health Care Costs

We've been watching a rise in Veteran poverty rates since the VA reported it in a 2015 study. It's also no secret that health care costs are spiraling out of control across America. As a non-political 501c3, we don't create policies. But we won't just stand by and watch. So we connected with Clever Rx to create a special benefit program. This is about reducing the stressors that impact every American. We hope it helps.

Even Veterans with VA health benefits should consider Medicare and other options, experts say. Here's why:

Military Veteran Retirement is a major choice when choosing health insurance. People who are on Tricare and plan on registering for Tricare for Life — a military health plan — generally cannot choose: The latter is available in combination with Medicare Part A hospitals and Part B outpatient services. But for veterans receiving benefits from veterans' health agencies, the answer may not seem clear.

The Fine Print

We never ask veterans to pay or donate. For some workshops we provide kits. (One free kit per veteran household) But you don't need to be a veteran to take advantage of our hospitality. We're an inclusive bunch and that means donors can join us too. (Register for an event to get details) If you benefit from our work, we'd be honored to have your support. Consider generating donations through your everyday online shopping with our partners. For our friendly, or popular supporters, you could even use your influence as a social media fundraiser. We have instructions.