Lift And Shift Foundation

Redirecting Wounded Veterans to a New Purpose

About Us

The Lift and Shift Foundation is a veteran founded, and veteran driven startup non-profit. We like to say we redirect wounded veterans to a new purpose, hence our clever use of infantry fire direction commands - Lift and Shift.

We strive to build confidence in wounded service members through providing access to hands-on activities in fields of science, technology, and engineering. Focusing on what may seem to be complicated and challenging activities can reinforce confidence and resilience our nation’s finest may need to restore after the traumas that cause debilitating injuries.

This focus allows for a practical exercise in problem-solving skills that is inherent in the application of the scientific method.

As is the case with scientists and engineers, sometimes the solving of a problem will simultaneously satisfy a need for society. When the case arises, we are at the ready, to support our participants in further developing ideas and solutions into entrepreneurial endeavors.


We encourage both veterans and non-veterans alike to inquire.

Where to find us
87 35th Street, Suite 2DS1
Brooklyn, NY 11232

How to reach us
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