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Battle of the Bots

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Battle of the Bots

We meet veterans in person when we host one of our Battle of the Bots. For veterans and their families, it's a fun day getting their hands dirty with our robots.



Battle of the Bots is an interactive experience where veterans and families build robots that are put to the test in mazes, races, and battles.

More About Our Programs

We give veterans an outlet through circuits and software. In technical terms, it could be considered a practical application of "problem-solving therapy."

Lift & Shift Workshops

These public workshops aren't FOR veterans. They're put on BY veterans. Support them & Join us.

STEAM Workshops

Our online programming ranges from video game coding & 3d modeling to basics of electricity & circuits. Donors of more than $25 receive access to the same month of resources as our veteran families.

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Lift and Shift Learning Series

Our Learning Series might look like a mixed bag of resources. But STEAM fields - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math - include everything from graphic design to culinary science. This is where we connect veterans with support from equally diverse sponsors.

Coming Soon!

Our founder is developing an initiative to provide veterans with the ability to solve unmet needs of disadvantaged individuals within their communities.

What Do Veterans Say?

"It was a fun class."
"I want to do more with you."
"I really enjoyed the program."
"Gives us something to do with the family."