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COVID-19 Resources

We care about the well-being of veterans and families.
So here are resources we lean on.

If you've faced the question - will everyone be ok - you can turn to our friends at Drawn From Valor for help with the explanation. They've talked to medical professionals and their YouTube series can give you the facts.

We believe family comes first. Here are more resources to help your family through the quaratine life:
  • Being at home with a family can be both tough and limiting. The US Army Special Warfare Center and School recently shared metabolic and cognitive conditioning circuits for the entire family.
  • Dyson (you know... the vacuum people) promotes engineers of the future. Check out their challenge cards and find out what happens when you plug a clock into a potato!
  • If you need a famliy project and don't know where to start, visit Instructables.com. For example, here is a great sensory activity project for toddlers.
  • Statistics in Schools (SIS) has created activities that focus on diversity in the United States. These teacher-created activities also reinforce the importance of responding to the 2020 Census.
  • Our very own Battle of the Bots program is based on the MakeBlock robotic platform, and you don't need our robots to use it. Wander to mBlock and you can play online with that adorable panda!
  • Check your inbox for the online edition of Battle of the Bots. If you've participated, here are our Zoom Screens. Please use responsibly.
  • We've launched the Lift and Shift Learning Series and invites are circulating through us and our network of Veteran Service Organizations. Read more.
For more information about coronavirus and how it impacts veterans:
  • With the consistent miscommunication about the public health crisis, we turn to the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University.
  • The Dept of Veterans Affairs announced coronavirus updates in their March 31st press release. You can follow all VA press releases here.
  • If you're looking for some inspiration, go to covidinnovations.com and track all the meaningful COVID-related innovations.
  • If you want to get involved in the COVID response, our friends at TOM Global are working on open-source solutions to support medical professionals as well as their patients.
Have questions. Reach out. If you found this useful, consider sharing, joining us, or donating.