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Battle Of The Bots is just one of the things we stream. It happens on YouTube & Twitch. It's part of our virtual makerspace. Subscribe to support the team.
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That support doesn't cost a penny. It's free & easy to join us too. When you catch the stream live, drop in the chat & ask for an invite.

What you can expect from our Virtual Makerspace

We believe having a hobby is a great way to have fun while recharging from a busy life.

Battle of the Bots - It's a Charity Program

Battle of the Bots

Sprinkle some robots with a dash of retro video games, and you've got Battle of the Bots. It's a fun introduction to the world of robots and coding, with no degree or prerequisites. That means no experience necessary. Perfect for a family fun day.

3D Print Design In A Tinkercad Workshop


Traditional STEM isn't diverse & our free programs for veterans don't do enough. With our streams, everyone can come along for the ride. Take a scroll through our YouTube Live Streams. That's where we feature Battle of the Bots and our Design Team projects.