Lift And Shift Foundation

Redirecting Wounded Veterans to a New Purpose
We strive to build confidence in wounded service members through providing access to hands-on activities in fields of science, technology, and engineering. Focusing on what may seem to be complicated and challenging activities can reinforce confidence and resilience our nation’s finest may need to restore after the traumas that cause debilitating injuries.

Below are just some of the benefits of our programs. You can check out more about who we are and what we do on our home page, or you can learn about how to join us and get involved in supporting our veterans. Oh, and you might get answers to questions at, you guessed it, the FAQ. page.


Building confidence may be what we're most excited to do, right after defending freedom. Achieving success in activities generally seen as complex and challenging is how we break through the preconceived barriers in our minds.

Personal Development

When veterans join us and engage in technical activities, they do more than learn new skills. They have a chance to develop things like a new lexicon and learn more about their own capabilities. Those are important to anyone needing to transition and redefine themselves after service.


Our programs lure veterans toward technology, spurring thought about how it's used to solve problems and answer needs. That makes it a reachable goal of redirecting veterans from being warriors and physical disruptors to economic disruptors capable of more than blowing stuff up.

The journey of self-discovery through education in technology and problem-solving skills starts here

Have you ever heard of "equine therapy?" That's horseback riding and the activity can be a somewhat therapeutic experience for many. Puzzles, kayaking, marathons, even martial arts can serve some veterans as an alternative therapeutic activity. We provide veterans with science-based activities. It's an outlet, one that may even be consider a practical application of "problem-solving therapy." Through our program, veterans are provided access to hardware, along with an environment to support them as they explore STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Interested? Veterans can register here and volunteers can work to support veterans here (If you can't volunteer, you could always donate a dollar, or a bazillion, here )