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About Tom

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Founder. CEO. Engineer. Leader.

Tom is more than a veteran to us.

His award-winning communications skills were sought after while serving as a decorated Civil Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer under the Army's Special Operations Command. After leaving the military with a PTSD diagnosis, he traded in the title of Staff Sergeant.

The stress of public scrutiny can be daunting for veterans. Whether our programs need an advocate or a success story, that's where Tom Smoot jumps in. He hosts events, leads workshops, joins podcasts, and takes on public speaking engagements as an embassador for all things Lift &Shift.

Don't expect Tom to spend much time telling war stories. He shares journeys & passions. You might here about leadership. Or building organizations like the Lift & Shift Foundation & Project Biotech. Or a nerdy tangent into mental & physical health from an engineer's perspective. But his biggest contribution comes as our chief motivation officer.

In addition to host & emcee of our events, Tom can be found on a variety of platforms:

His Words In Print
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Long Island Herald
  • Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • NYC Veteran Voices Project
  • WHRU
Even A Podcast Or Two
  • The Imperfect Pod
  • Label Free Podcast
  • Disabled & Successful Podcast
  • The AAR Podcast
  • Barracks Stories

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