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Lift And Shift Foundation

Redefining Transition

About Lift and Shift

There's no such thing as a seamless transition when service members become veterans. Compound the transition with visible and invisible injuries, and the doubts and uncertainty can be overwhelming. Veterans don't always fit the cookie-cutter solutions bursting from the seams of an overpopulated ecosystem, because every veteran is different. We know because we've been immersed in these transitions and support programs ourselves. So we can step in and step up, redirecting veterans to passions in science and technology, while emphasizing benefits they might not find in the confusing and overwhelming transition landscape.

Our Volunteers


Meet The Team

Tom Smoot

Try not to be misled by Tom's new career path in engineering. There's a good reason behind our founder's motivation to support the troops. Engineering came along only after his departure from the US Army, ending 12 years of service with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress. But make no mistake, this athletic, avid marathon runner, and once well-decorated soldier with career fields in Civil Affairs and Chemical Reconnaissance, is our Captain America.

Jason Knowlton

Jason is a Senior Support Engineer with a computer science background and over a dozen years in the security and fire industry. That background also includes service in the US Army as a Civil Affairs Sergeant, which lends well to working on special projects, especially those requiring a technical affinity. He brings passion and leadership to the team, with a track record of creating relationships and programs that enrich veterans' quality of life.

Evans Wang

Evans, who self-identifies as an Army combat vet, is slightly more. He teaches, instructing both cadets as a ROTC instructor, and veterans and non-veterans alike as a software developer and NYC chapter leader of Operation Code. As an educator, in name and by passion, he is a well-suited connector to other veteran non-profits and programs who offer tech-based non-traditional schools, and able to redirect veterans toward new passions as a profession when the time comes.