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PTSD Resources

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Veterans, We're Here To Help

If you are a veteran who needs help with PTSD, we have a list of resources that can assist you.

Not a veteran? Don't worry. We have a few thoughts about the everyday stress we all face. Read our view on Stress, Anxiety and PTSD here.

Take it from our founder, don't be afraid to ask for help.

The most important thing to know is: you are not alone. Don't struggle. Call the national 988 lifeline and press 1.

Our programs don't fit everyone. But there are thousands of veteran nonprofits around the country. Here's a few veteran programs our team has tried. See what works for you.

  • NAMI Homefront


    NAMI Homefront is a free, online class for military, veterans and their families who live with mental health issues. The course is designed to help families better understand and support their loved ones living with mental health conditions. NAMI Homefront also provides resources for families to find support and treatment for their loved ones.

  • Travis Mills Foundation


    Warrior PATHH is a transformative, lifelong, Posttraumatic Growth-based training program for combat veterans. The training begins with a 7-day on-site initiation that is followed by 18 months of training delivered by our instructors through our myPATHH platform.

  • Operation Mend


    Operation Mend provides advanced surgical and medical treatment, as well as comprehensive psychological-health support for post-9/11-era service members, veterans and their families at no cost.

  • Higher Ground USA


    Higher Ground's military and recreation therapy programs in Sun Valley, LA, New York allow those with disabilities to experience outdoor activities.

  • Warriors' Ascent


    The psychological and emotional trauma endured by both Veterans and First Responders can lead to depression and suicide. The Warriors' Ascent Program is designed to empower our Warriors to take ownership of their lives and healing by providing the tools to heal and tend the mind, body, and soul.

The Fine Print

We never ask veterans to pay or donate. For some workshops we provide kits. (One free kit per veteran household) But you don't need to be a veteran to take advantage of our hospitality. We're an inclusive bunch. If you benefit from our work, we'd be honored to have your support. Consider making your purchases through the partners that support us. For our friendly, or popular supporters, you could even use your influence as a social media fundraiser. We have fundraising instructions.

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